The Luxury of Enjoying Seasonal Ingredients and
The Creativity to Draw Out the Best of Each
Daté Cuisine

Daté Cuisine Aji Kissyo is located near Kōtōdai-Kōen Station in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture.
The restaurant serves traditional daté cuisine which has been loved by the locals for generations.

Daté cuisine fuses together the luxury of eating the freshest ingredients of each season and the creativity to continually add new twists to the dishes. This style of cuisine pays close attention to visual presentation as well.

Please come enjoy the best of land and sea here with our local vegetables sourced straight from the farmers who raised them and fresh seafood brought in from the Sanriku Coast.

No Single Focus on
Japanese, Chinese, or Western
Simply the Most Delicious Cuisine

Grilled Sea Squirt with Cheese

※ This is a seasonally limited item.
Please check with the restaurant for pricing.
This item may not be available during certain periods.

Standard preparations, such as sea squirts with vinegar and as sashimi, are certainly delicious, but sea squirts grilled on a sizzling hot plate with an abundance of melted cheese on top make for a special treat.

The rich flavor of cheese blends with the umami of the sea squirt for an exquisite dish.Sea squirts are marine organisms shaped like pineapples and orange in color. They are full of minerals and other nutrients and are known as a rare delicacy by experts who love them for their unique flavor.

The Best Ingredients
for Each Season
 in Hearty Portions

Grilled Thick-Cut Beef Tongue


Beef tongue, a Sendai specialty, thickly sliced and grilled up right on front of the customer’s eyes.Enjoy a close-up view of your order being cooked as the beef tongue sizzles right before your eyes.


Oysters Grilled Matsumae-Style


Oysters placed in a boat-shaped piece of kombu seaweed and grilled Matsumae-style are one of our most popular menu items.The stock created by the kombu brings out the umami of the oysters, making for a choice item. This makes for a superb pairing with sake as well.




Shabu-shabu is one of the signature hotpot dishes of Japan and is a highly popular menu item here at our restaurant.Enjoy this dish made with the best selection of seasonal ingredients and meat quickly cooked in our soup broth and paired with dipping sauce.


Yuba Gyoza Dumplings


Our yuba gyoza dumplings, made by wrapping our deluxe stuffing in a wrapper of yuba, is another of our popular menu items.Yuba is a processed food item made from tofu and is a traditional Japanese ingredient which is also used in Buddhist vegetarian cuisine. The refined flavor of these dumplings makes a perfect pairing with beer or Japanese sake as well. They’re so good, you won’t want to stop eating them!


Floor guide

We have 8 private rooms available.
Feel free to make use of these for dinner parties or other occasions.

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